Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More pics anyone?

Mom showing off her Valentines Day flowers.  As we were leaving the church on Valentines Day a couple of our young women came running toward us with this little bunch of flowers one of them had picked off a near-by bush and presented them to Mom.  A little of gesture of love that makes all the hassle and hard work worth the effort.  We celebrated the day with pan negro and jugo (local dark bread and juice). 

These three kids came by one day in their horse-drawn cart as I was standing out on our front balcony and asked if I wanted them to pick up our garbage which was in a container in front of our apartment building.  There was no request for payment or anything -- they were just interested in whatever might be of value in our garbage.  So I said sure, and asked them to take the garbage that was laying on the other side of street too, which they readily agreed to do.  After they were done they were ready to go but I told them to wait a minute and went and filled up a little zip-lock bag of spare change and dropped it down to one of them.  I asked them to pose with their loot so I could take a picture of them and then they went on their way rejoicing.  An example of the stark poverty and harsh conditions some kids grow up under. 


Elder and Hermana McCoy with Hermana Rosa Pinto -- an absolute sweetheart and our dedicated Relief Society President.  We took some goodies over to her house for her birthday.

A horse-drawn cart "fresh" produce vendor cruising by our apartment.  Even produce that we buy in the grocery stores down here has to be thoroughly inspected and washed before consumption.  Still pretty pre-modern in many respects here in sunny Saenz Pena Argentina. 


A shot of a yard maintenance man using the universal tool -- a machete -- to cut the neighbor's "lawn".  Almost everyone uses a weed-eater -- we've seen two lawn mowers down here and they were both electric.  Mom's beside herself not being able to ride around on her lawn mower cutting trails out in the woods.  (ha ha)

Well, that should do it for now.  Sure do love and miss you all.  Mas mas tarde.



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