Sunday, May 12, 2013

El Dia de Mama!

Hey Madre,

Just wanted to post a quick note and say I've been thinking about you today and miss being able to say Happy Mother's Day in person! I hope you've had a nice day down there and they gave you flowers or chocolate after Sacrament Meeting. I tried to make breakfast this morning for Amanda with mixed results. I was making scrambled eggs and it made me miss when you would make yours, b/c those are the best there are!

There are too many things to say thanks for in one post, but I want you to know how much I love you and appreciate everything you do and have done. As the years keep passing the more and more I realize how much you did for our family growing up. How many sacrifices you made without the recognition. You're truly an amazing woman and I wouldn't trade the world for you! Thanks for your example of faithfulness and righteous living. There isn't a person I can think of who is more deserving of all of blessings they receive than you are. The people there are so blessed to have you as part of their lives.

I miss hearing you laugh and I miss laughing at all your bad jokes- haha. I miss being around the dinner table for family dinner and it inevitably turning somewhat inappropriate and you would just shake your head, tolerating all of us. I miss coming home at night and seeing you sitting on your couch reading, and we would sit and talk for awhile. But soon enough we'll be able to do all those things again.

Glad we got to visit for a little while tonight on Skype, that was really nice to see and hear both of you. Too bad the connection was lost. We sure love and miss you and I can't wait for Emma to spend time with her G-Ma and G-Pa.

Love you Mom!!!!!


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