Monday, May 13, 2013

Madre's Day

Well even tho it wasn't technically mother's day for you yesterday, I was thinking about you and all you've done for all of us. I can't even begin to think about having 9 kids, I'm barely alive with 2! Like seriously, were you insane in the membrane?! You are the best woman I know and despite my burping episodes, I think you did alright with me! Glad you could finally meet Jett and see Brynn again. Altho skype is kind of crappy....

We just had a nice day with Dal's cousins over for dinner and talked to Brett on his mission too. As promised, i have some pics of the little man finally now that i've gotten a charger for my camera. He's a happy, chill little guy and laughs and rolls over and barfs all the time! But he's sleeping about 10 hours now so I really can't complain, even tho it never seems like enough sleep. That's what makes me not want to have more. Maybe we'll do IVF and get some twins!

 We went rock climbing on Sat. with some guys in our ward and it was awesome!! We got up to about 75 ft. and it's SO cool, but a little hard. Worst part is looking up the whole time so your neck gets real sore but we had a lot of fun. First time getting a babysitter too, sheesh...Welp anywho, I love you both more than I express and am so thankful I was sent to this family! xos! kiss hug!

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