Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Mom

Well, let's see how much we can do here before our little computadora and/or internet coneccion poops out on us.  Thank you all for your sweet Mother's Day e-mails and skype well-wishes -- we thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciate your thoughtfulness.  You guys are absolutely the best!!  Spencer, you are "kind of a big deal" indeed -- you really look sharp all decked out in you dress uniform.  I think I'll re-up.  Congrats again on your promotion, Sergeant McCoy.  Erin, thanks for sharing your Trek experience -- we agree -- you probably have secured your place in heaven.  I'm always amazed, though, at how gung-ho some "trekies" can be -- they seem to think that "realism" is all there is to it and take the fun out of it.  But congratulations -- you survived to tell about it.  Garlan, thank you for your tender tribute to Mom -- she really is a devoted mother and disciple who continues to give her all.  Even though she's waited a long time to serve a mission, it's hard on her to be so far away from loved ones for so long.  Sharla, thx for the pics of you and your little ones -- pretty soon they'll be rock climbing with you.  Be careful doing that stuff -- don't want to hear about any accidents.  And Darek -- can't believe what a home-improvement guru you are -- you really do nice work!!  You're hired!!  (if and when we buy a house in UT or elsewhere).    

So let's see if I can get some photos to post.


I not only married above myself, I was smart enough to marry a younger woman -- she's only 65 the 25th of this month!!  Is there any question why all you kids are so good-looking?  I love her with all my heart.  So I think we'll just leave it at that for now -- just a picture of the matriarch of our family.

Love you all lots and lots -- more next time.


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