Saturday, May 25, 2013

HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday!!!

Oh my goodness, it's almost your birthday...or maybe it is there already but here's the deal, we'll have a HUGE birthday bash for you when you're back to make up for it. SO take lots of pictures to commemorate your day and make dad take you to Wal Mart or something special!

We're in Pasco for the weekend, just played some volleyball this morning; went to the temple yesterday; going to a movie later tonight and overall just hanging out. Been fun. Our latest news is we're going to PUERTO RICO!!!!!!!! Not til October but still, i'm DYING to leave already, it's going to be so fun. I get to plan out our itinerary and it'll be sweet. Snorkeling, hiking in the rainforest, monkey island, old San Juan, etc. It's our 2nd honeymoon!! Anyway...i'll post some pics of our photo shoot with Jett once i get them but just wanted to wish you happy birthday and tell you I just love you so SO much and hope you have a really great day. XOS, kiss hug!!

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