Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"The shading alone took me 3 hrs"

Mom and Dad, so good to Skype with you on Sunday. 
(Atticus is still "nakey buns.")

Glad to hear things are good. Hopefully a change of scenery comes soon.
Mom, sigue practicando el Espanol pues!

Here's some picturas de las casa. 
(Becker in the swing.)


Just look at all that amazing SHADE!

Took the kiddos to the Children's Museum last weekend.
Spent a good 4 hrs least a full hour just in this water place.

Kenzie's YW Recognition ceremony last Sunday.

Watermelon eating contest at the Father & Sons Campout last weekend. 
Atticus was so beast.

Best playground toy invention...he and Beck lived on this thing the whole campout.

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