Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Well now, it's your birthday! Hope you had some missionaries over and they made you a cake and pretended to smash an egg on your head! That's how you do it mission style! At least in Brazil. hahaha

 We are getting ready for a little get-together here at the house on Monday.  I will send a bunch of pics of our backyard.  Everything is in bloom and it's beautiful.  And it's all clean!  Wish you guys could come, it's gonna be fun.

Well, what did you wish for?  A transfer? :)  The year will go fast I know, because this one went so fast.  And we'll be seeing you guys soon.

Well, Rob says Happy Birthday too.  Hope you had a great day and that Dad let you plan the day just how you wanted.  Love you!


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