Saturday, September 1, 2012

California Fun!

We had so much fun on our California trip a couple weeks ago. I got a little camera happy and took about 400 pictures plus whatever Amberli took so that makes for a lot of pictures. Instead of posting them here (which is impossible) - I put mine up on facebook under the Album: California Fun. Whenever you are hunkered down in your apartment at night and not skyping Emma you can look through them. I tried to take lots of all the grandkids in the water and sand. The dads spent most of their time in the water getting wasted by the huge waves. I think a few of them shed some tears over their battle wounds. haha. The moms sat back on the beach counting kid's heads and making sure our husbands didn't die. Soooooo fun! It was so good to see all the cousins and in-laws at Jason's & Brooke's. Thanks again for being such wonderful hosts - we love you guys. It was definitely too short of a weekend but totally worth all the hours in the car.

San Diego was also really wonderful. I miss that place and it was really special to be able to share so many places and memories with G&E. We rented the cutest guest house with it's own private pool, spa and grill. It was nice to have all the space and privacy to ourselves. I'm going to include a few of our favorite pictures from the trip and you can look at our blog for a more detailed description of the trip.

Love you all!

 My two favorite people in the world!
 First time at the beach for Emma
 Jason and Brooke took us to Six Flags - Brooke stayed for awhile and then took all the kids (including Emma) home. I had 5 wonderful hours running around with my hubby and Jason. Thanks Brooke!!!!
 San Diego Temple - my apartment looked out over the temple.
  Can you get a cuter picture! Love her.
 La Jolla - this is where I lived
 At Seaport Village
 Our little bald seal

This last one is G's awesome parking job at the zoo. We laughed sooooo hard when we got back to the car and saw how bad it was.

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