Thursday, September 20, 2012

About Time!

Ok, so I'm going to do a little recap of the last couple of months in our lives and post some pics too!  We had a lot of fun in London and France this summer.  Everyone loved the sights, the sounds, the smells (or not), the food etc. but we were all ready to come home after three weeks.  Back to our nice soft beds, electronics, junk food, space, you know.... HOME!  It was well worth it for the kids to see something new about other cultures, how the church operates in other  places and get an idea of American Consumerism.  So! The question of the day is "Would you ever do it again?" and the answer is, "Yes................... but not for a long time!"

The kids started school on July 23rd.  Reagan in 8th, Alex in 5th and Vienna in 2nd grade. They are almost finished with their first quarter.  My, time is flying.  Reagan is doing well.  She is the choir president.  She has started swimming with a club and is really improving her Freestyle stroke.  She is just a few seconds away from high school regional times which is cool. Alex is completing a report on Juan Ponce de Leon this week who, for those who may not know this, discovered Florida! He also settled Puerto Rico and is mostly known for chasing the Fountain of Youth.  Alex is also starting his first season of soccer and is looking forward to it.  He is getting pretty good on the violin as well and his orchestra teacher gave him some of the 6th grade music since he has been playing longer than the other 5th graders. Vienna is doing well also. She is getting very tall! She had her first soccer game last Saturday and scored a goal!  She was very happy.  Of course she is always very happy!  She is coming right along with piano and has completed her first book.

We recently went to California for a quick get-away to see some of the sibs.  Fun, fun, fun to play in the sun!

This last weekend I was up in Seattle to attend Paul and Marschell's sealing.  It was a great weekend. The Puyallup Fair was cool.  I rode some good rides (Sinbad, I will always love you) and a not so good ride. (Thanks a NOT, Paul!)  Good times at the Fair eating scones.  The Temple was awesome.  The sealing ceremony was really good.  Luckily we didn't have to take too many pictures!! But the lunch was delicious (Thanks a LOT, Paul).  The weather was perfect. The company, superb.  (I still remember when Grandma taught me that word! I think I was 7.)  Why can't we all live closer?  And by closer I mean, when are people going to move South for forever??

And here we are.... cleaning the house, doing the laundry, homework, soccer, swim, grocery shopping all the usuals.  I guess vacation can't last forever. *Sigh*  Welp, I guess I won't drag out my good-bye. Ha Ha Until next time....

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