Monday, September 10, 2012

We got mail !!

Many thx to Sara and Marschell for the packages -- three in one day !!  It was like Christmas -- lots of mail and stuff coming after Shar's package of Swiss Miss -- we thought we'd died and gone to heaven.  Hopefully the rest of the stuff Mom's requested arrives pretty soon -- no guarantees down here though. 
Thx for the pics of the orchard back home -- of course the plums come on like Rambo after we're gone (yeah, I made that one up).  Presley is so stinkin' cute!!  Looks like Porter now his own geek picture that his siblings can show everybody when he gets older.
So Sharla -- when you going to start acting like a pregnant person?!  Running all over the place again -- don't you know we have a vested interest in your bodily welfare?  We're callin' it right now -- it's going to be a boy -- one year younger than his sister so all his teenie-bopper buddies can come over and goggle at his older sister. 
And who's that WHITE BOY on the beach in California?!  I had to put shades on just to look at the picture!  Oh, it's Garlinski holding that cute baby girl.  Man, life is hard -- going to the beach then down to SD, just hangin' out.  Glad you could get away for a while.   
And then there's the lake trip -- swimming, wake-boarding and cruising around.  What great memories you guys are making.  Thx for the pics, including the pics of the kids' first day of school.  They grow up so fast.

Well, speaking of pics, we have some more: 


Now for the commentary -- the first picture is a member of our branch who found this snake on his clothes line in the back yard.  Pretty spooky.  The last picture is his little brick house (the left half of what you see behind them) with his family, Mom and the misionaries there for a service project.  The elder made off pretty good -- he took home a microwave.
The second picture is yours-truly wearing the knitted tie I took on my first mission and tried to pawn off on Garlan who gave it back to me before we left.  Dang , I thought I'd never see that thing again,
Lastly, is Mom showing off the activity bags she made for those primary kids who absolutely loved them.  She has totally endeared herself with everybody with her activity bags and banana bread.  (Who needs Spanish to say "we love you"?)

Well, beyond that we had an absolutely wonderful weekend -- it was the re-dedication of the Buenos Aires temple Sunday with a special cultural arts festival Saturday night -- all broadcast via satelite to chapels throughout Argentina.  We had a couple of investigators come to the Saturday night event which was outstanding -- lots of South American music and dance.  Mom and I both teared up watching it.  And then the temple dedication Sunday was like being transported to another world so very different than what we live in -- everything depicted was so clean and white and beautiful -- only recommend holders were allowed into the church building to view the proceedings.  To see the Brethren (Pres Eyring, Elder Ballard and Elder Christofferson) function in their sacred callings in perfect harmony was so inspiring (especially in light of the disunity that often prevails in this area).  Mom and I stayed for all three sessions, each of which was a little different.  So we were in the building from 8:30 am to about 5:00 pm soaking up as much as we could.  We hearkened back to when we could go to the Seattle temple only 45 minutes away any time we wanted and wondered when we'll get to go again.
So, all of you who are or will be gathering in WA for Marschell's sealing, enjoy every minute of it.  We'll be there in spirit but be sure and post some pics of everybody outside the temple. 
So bye for now.  We love you all very much and miss every one of you.
XOS, love ya love ya.
Dad & Mom       


  1. Brother & Sister McCoy, it is fun seeing your blog and hearing your perspective on things. . . as mine are quite similar (go figure, right?). I can't find your email address but wanted to let you know we made it here safely after a VERY adventurous journey (I'll have to tell you later). I'm back to work and we will start looking for a job for Hugo. We love you both and are so grateful for your help, friendship and kindness. PR Saenz Pena is lucky to have you!

    1. Glad you got home safely. We already miss you. Our e-mail address is: -- when you get a minute, so we can stay in touch. Thank you too for all your help when we first got here and your continued friendship. Take care and we'll chat more later.
      Bro & Sis McCoy