Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chelan Trip & First Day of School

 Jadon's first day of 8th grade!  Yay, no seminary yet!!

 Heidi's first day of 6th grade!  Yay for contacts!!

Karli's first day of 3rd grade!  Yay for Quest!!

Lake Chelan 2012!  Who invited the pimp in the shades?

 Porter's so bored he fell asleep!

How cute is that?

Livin' the life with family and friends.

 Karli snorkeling for treasures.

Ryan, Jadon and Mitchell gettin' cozy! 

Karli's ready to jump while Paul maneuvers the cliffs.

Ryan and Jadon finally waking up but they look like zombies!

Summer's been a lot of fun for sure : )  Here are the pics I promised to put on your blog, Mom!  I hardly ever download stuff and post messages cuz I'm slow and not very good at it but wanted to share a little bit about what our family's been up to.    Sure love you guys!!


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