Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Best Day Ever!

So it's only taken a week to get our sealing pictures up (a little late I see from some already posted!) but WOW what an amazing day.  The whole weekend felt great having all the McCoy kids together hanging out, reminiscing and having a ton of fun.  I just felt really happy and complete once the sealing ordinance had taken place. There were so many feelings that I experienced while being there in the temple.  Years of hard work (prayers, tears, hardships, joy and growth) all culminated in one brief moment when I committed to my husband and now eternal companion with all my siblings in the same room to share that accomplishment with me. What a blessing to have such an incredible family!!  I love you, I love who each of you have married and the cool kids you all have!  Mom and Dad, it would have been great to share this day with you as well.  I hope posting lots of pictures will help you to share in that day.  Life is good because of the gospel!!    Thank you for sacrificing your time to share it in Argentina : )                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Ah, we felt like newlyweds again!

                                                                         And again.

I so love you Jadon, Heidi and Karli!  Thank you for sharing this day with us!
Silly, silly girls...
Shar sure did someting hilarious (I just wish I could remember what it was!)

                                                         World's greatest sisters...mine

                                                Wha, wha? Are these guys related to me?
Darek, you funny funny guy! 
Ok, there we go.  I knew they could do it.
Seriously, Brandon, we're trying to take a picture here!
What a good looking group! 

                           Start adding more people and it just gets more difficult.  Which camera?
                        Well, at least you can still tell there's people in this picture from so far away.
                                    So glad they were still around for this day!  What troopers.

                                                    Sara representing the sisters-in-law!

                                                         Not sure what's going on here.

                                                The look says it all.  'Is it lunchtime yet?'


                                                               This was Darek's idea.
                                                         This one is my favorite I think.

                                                           Ok, maybe this one actually.

        A big thank you to the Sorensen's for a beautiful dinner!! A perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. Hey so glad at least a few of you/Paul in front of the Temple turned out. That's a lot of pressure taking those pics! I was nervous! Yeah the one w/ the temple behind is a good shot. Not braggin', just saying that's a really good pic if you two. That should be in a frame. And I wanted Paul to lift you for that shot just to see the veins pop out in his head, "Hurry....Darek...take...the...flippin'.....picture!"

    So much fun last weekend!(except for tubing! My rib cage STILL kills. Like, I can't sleep on my left side still! And you thought I was faking!)

  2. Hahaha, you're still recovering from tubing and Paul's still recovering from lifting me! And maybe it was a little harsh to say, "This isn't the retirement boat!" Cuz it's not like I was out there putting my ribs on the line! Anyway, thanks for taking all those pictures. Speaking of pics, make sure Amberli takes a ton of your marathon!!! Wooohooo, in less than a week you'll join 2% of the population!!!!!