Friday, September 7, 2012


So it's been a while since I've seen anything from you 2 so how are things going? I bet busy as always of course. have you  made AP yet dad? is mom senior companion? hehe...

Well we spent Labor Day weekend in Pasco which was fun i guess. Took Adamson family photos but think cover of Vogue for our pictures and you'll get a nice idea of how we posed (NOT naked tho!). I also drove Kevin's motorcycle so it reminded me of you. Except his is purple so not nearly as hard core. Everyday up by about 6am to play volleyball or go boating or running or shopping so very tiring. Did i tell you Becca's engaged? She gets married on black Friday so already you know her marriage is yeah then we'll be back over there in a couple weekends for my half marathon and then i'm done with races for a bit.

Brynn has officially started crawling and is all over the place. She's at that squirmy stage so church is fun. We'll find out if we're having a Dal Jr. Sept. 24 so it's pretty exciting. No movement yet but most of the time I forget i'm even pregnant. Let's just skype this Sunday, i don't have any meetings so i'll have it up by 11am my time. Ok well sure love you both, have fun, take lots of pictures! xos!

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