Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby Update

So i had another ultrasound today just to check that he's still growing normally and that my fluid is good which both are so that's the good news. Except that his belly was measuring a little low and he's 47th% for weight/height. Also they found something wrong with his left's called a duplicating collecting system which means he has 2 ureters coming off his one kidney (normally you just have one on each kidney) which happens in 1 of 1500 babies. What luck eh? Basically they won't know if it's super serious until he's born and it may not even be anything to worry about but now we have to meet with a specialist and i have to have ultrasounds every 3 weeks to keep an eye on it. The problem is that the ureter on the bottom is pinched a little too much so his urine isn't draining out properly but i guess he'd just rather hold it in instead of having to drink is own pee!! I think it'll be fine tho and we'll keep you posted if anything changes. Still no name but the latest is Ziva....what do you think? Rhymes with diva tho so maybe not so much....ok well keep up the good work, makes me thankful for how really blessed i am when i hear about your stories! xos!

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