Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Dear family and friends,

I figured that today would be a good day to write my second blog entry.  As you can imagine, Thanksgiving Day in Argentina is a little different than at home.  In lieu of family and friends to invite over, we invited six of the young Elders that work in areas close to us.  Two of them are American and so are  missing their families at home and the others just enjoyed a nice meal.  There are no turkeys available until Christman time so I baked some chicken instead.  We had mashed potatoes and gravy which were about the only authentic thing we had, green salad, lots of pan [bread] and then ice cream and banana bread [fruitcake] for dessert.  I hope everyone got full - you know how missionaries can eat !!  We did our usual tradition of going around the group and saying what we are thankful for.  There were the usual things mentioned but we all were glad to be on missions serving the Lord at this moment in time.  About two hours after the missionaries left a big wind/rain storm kicked up which is always nice because it cools things off considerably!  That's always a plus.  One other unexpected thing that happened this morning was that the electricity went off.  I was glad that we have a gas stove and that I'd made a lot of the preparations for dinner the day before.  And fortunately it wasn't the water that went off so we counted ourselves lucky!!  Every day is a new adventure here and we're trying to be very flexible like they told us at the MTC.

I started my day with a prayer of nothing but thanksgiving, trying to enumerate all the things that I know I usually take for granted.  Among them family and friends who love us in spite of ourselves.  It's been good to be in a much slowed-down environment without all the things we're accustomed to to make us really appreciate what's important in life.  Our family, friends, the gospel and our testimonies of it's truthfullness.  In over 40 years of marriage, we've never gotten to spend so much time together and we find that we like it!!  I know for sure that I never would have made it as a single missionary and my admiration of you kids has gone up a thousand percent!  I also realize, sadly, how much more I could have done for each of you in the way of letters etc.  I comfort myself  by saying "Dad never sent you a single package!"  That's how we divided things up I guess -- he wrote the emails and I sent the packages.

Well, before I lose this [it happened to Dad just yesterday]  I'll wrap it up and send you my best wishes for a wonderful holiday season.  Eat a piece of turkey and pumpkin pie for me!  I love you all dearly and hope to hear about your Thanksgiving day soon.
                                                                                                       XOS         Love, Mom


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