Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks Giving

Hi Mom and Dad!

We missed you today!  The day flew by.  Thanks for the email that you sent this morning.  Brooke and I read it together.  We were thankful to be able to spend the day together even though it can be hectic keeping kids entertained while all the cooking goes on.  Why don't you ask what Jason and Rob were doing..... yeah, getting beat by the boys on some Wii soccer game. Ha Waste! The day was beautiful; clear skies, crisp air, a real Arizona fall day.  The food all turned out great, mostly thanks to Brooke who prepared the turkey and made a delicious, (and I mean DELICIOUS!!) sweet potato pie, which everyone wanted for leftovers.  I grudgingly gave a scoopful to Benton and Tiana to take home.  It was a nice day.

Just wanted you to know how thankful I am that you're my parents.  What great examples you are of lifelong service and love for our Savior.  It has definitely rubbed off.  I feel very grateful for your efforts to hold family home evening, scripture study and family prayer.  Now that I have a family I know how hard it can be, especially as the kids develop more complicated schedules.  We have been asked to be a Ma and Pa for our upcoming stake Trek and I hope we can instill in three days time some of the values you instilled in us about work, testimony, service etc.  I know your example has touched my kids lives. We pray regularly for your health and success.

I know from my own experience that being on a mission over the holidays is very difficult.  I want you to know that we miss you, but are blessed because of your time and efforts in Argentina.  I pray the time will go quickly, but that you experience the everydayness of it too, along with the many triumphs you will experience as missionaries.  There's no better place to be..... for an allotted time that is! I love you!  Happy Thanksgiving!

M for Morley and McCoy and Mm Mm good! That was Reagan's touch. Cute huh?

More delicious rolls. You can never have too many...

V and B playing so nicely.

The clean-up begins. So yummy! Over too soon...

Look-alike cousins getting on their crafting...

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