Monday, November 26, 2012

Pasco Thanksgiving

Well it was pretty nice in Pasco for the week we were there and lots and lots of happenings of course. We had a bachelorette party for Becca, played volleyball, rode 4-wheelers, flag football, temple session and lunch, Thanksgiving tasty-ness at the church, decorated for the reception, saw Breaking Dawn (lame) and then all the wedding festivities as well. Tons of people everywhere and not a lot of sleep for anyone which defeats the whole purpose of a vacation but oh well. Brynn just slept whenever/wherever she could and just had fun playing with her cousins. 

Too bad you missed Becca's wedding, it was insane! They did all their pictures beforehand which was nice so we didn't have to spend forever outside in the cold and then there was the luncheon, then the sealing and then the reception. You should have seen the gym....i'm talking ELABORATE stuff. The decorator had all this furniture and centerpieces and plates and pictures and lights and doors and windows and on and would have died mom if i had wanted all that kind of stuff. But they only had the one reception since they're both from there. I left early tho to put Brynn to bed so i missed all the fun stuff, except the cleaning up part. Yep it was pretty crazy but it's all over.

Now back in Vancouver and we've already decorated for Christmas and then before we know it little man-child will be here! Well we missed you guys and wish I had been with some of the McCoy side of the fam but we'll be in Puyallup for New Year's so that'll be nice. I still need to send your goods, madre, but i'll do that this week. Love you both and thank you for who you are. I love that you're my parents!! xos

Daddy and Brynn

After his flag football game

Brynn and Cyrus' 1st Thanksgiving 

I threw whipping cream in his face!

In all her wedding get-up

Playing with Cyrus

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