Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Us lately

Hey, hey sus padres!! How goes it? Starting to get warm there yet? B/c it's chilly here and i'm  not a fan but we haven't had snow at least yet so i'm fine with that. Things are just going, going as usual getting ready for Thanksgiving and Becca's wedding. Sure you can't come? 

Well we finally got a preview pic of our photo session in Pasco from Sept. and they're our Vogue pictures. I actually like it except that she made it black and white so you can't really see Brynn but we'll get more when we're there next week. The others are from Halloween, the horse races (as white trash as you can imagine), her plumber's crack, and then watching bubbles (she's mesmerized). 

Our stake is having a "special" meeting this Sunday for all adults but no hints as to what it's about so everyone's speculating since we just had stake conference. Probably has to so with being a Zion people and that we're all getting translated, something along those lines i'm sure....j/k we'll see. 

Still have dr. appoints like crazy and still measuring small but it shouldn't be any big concern. Can't decide on a name still but the only one we both have agreed to is Hudson but i'm not totally in love with it. Brynn is just so fun right now, curious about everything, wants what you have, giggles and laughs all the time and constantly wants to walk. I just love watching her little babyness. 

Ok well i'll send that stuff to you madre, i just need to find your address again but sure love you both and hope the work is coming along! xos!

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