Sunday, November 18, 2012

First Snow Fall..........

Again I'm being lazy and just copying and pasting from our blog. But first a quick update on G. The liver biopsy was read twice and both readings were normal but the doctor called Tuesday and told us the sample was too small to be 100% conclusive. He is having G take Ursa (bile salt) for the next month and then we are repeating labs and the biopsy. Fun, fun! Honestly I talked to our lab and pathologist here and he wasn't concerned that the sample size was too small but we'll go along with it to be thorough. I think the doctor is quite perplexed the autoimmune hepatitis isn't showing up because he's been so sure that is what G is dealing with. All this should happen before Dec 20th because that is when we meet with the doctor again.

Emma's first experience with snow happened last week as we got our first snow storm. At first she was very intrigued, then she smiled and tried to lick it off her jacket, finally she realized she was cold and started to fuss.

Also with the first snow fall we had a visit from the Vegas McCoys. We told them to dress warm and Brandon didn't take us very serious. Needless to say we layered clothes, borrowed snow clothes, and bought warm clothes. We also went through 2 gallons of milk on hot chocolate! It was a blast and we had so much fun freezing together at the football game. And it was totally worth it because Spencer had defensive touchdown (it was the only thing that got me to my feet cheering the entire game)! Sunday night we got to go to a youth fireside and hear Matt speak about 'Standing in Holy Places'. Afterwards some of Matt's buddies came over and we ate popcorn and played games till the wee hours of the morning. The best part was after Matt's friends left cute Brinks immediately says, "I miss Tanner." He was one of the buddies and future QB here at BYU after his mission. He's a great kid and obviously quite the charmer. Made us all laugh!

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