Sunday, March 3, 2013

We're Moving!

So we've been looking at some places near here and found one i really like so we signed a contract and are outta here! Just up the road (right next to Target) but out of the ward just barely. We'll still go to our ward and stay in our callings for a while until we maybe move again or Bishop decides we can't keep breaking the boundary rules. We're super excited and will gradually move in over the next couple weeks since the lease here overlaps. It's got an upstairs and a nice balcony and the grounds are much nicer than here so Brynn can roam to her heart's content. Here's her reaction when we told her we were moving.......

Dal's still looking for a different job but so far nada. Just wish we knew where we'd be for the next long while, I'm ready to go somewhere besides Vancouver but a new place will be a good change. Jett has already gained a pound and slept for almost 6 hours last night and didn't even shed a tear when they poked his foot to draw blood. He's a champ! I still haven't gone anywhere on my own yet with them both except to church but i did get a gym membership and have started going to their workout classes so i at least get some kind of break. I definitely don't miss the lack of sleep with newborns but hopefully he'll start going for longer stretches. I also chopped my hair. By I i mean Dal. Chopped as in just below my shoulders but he didn't do a very good job so it needs to be fixed. Long hair is a pain i feel and i can always grow it out again if i want. Welp, good to see some pics of you guys. Lots of memorable experiences you're having. Kinda jealous! Love you both!!! xos!

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  1. Why didn't you just let me cut it when I was there? At least it would've been straight. And I love the dancing Brynn vid, especially when she raises her hand. So funny!