Sunday, March 10, 2013


Things are plugging along at a fast clip here in Puyallup.  Really enjoying where we are at in life.  Healthy, happy kids that are doing well in school, church YM, YW and Activity Days, extracurricular activities, etc.  Really proud of each of them and the kind of people they are and are continuing to become.  Here's a few pics of some recent accomplishments of ours.
This is a dress that I made for Heidi.  She picked the material and I (with the help of a good friend) did the rest.  Every cut and stitch from scratch!!  Now to start on Karli's : )

Karli got an award at school for compassion.  Very fitting!  Karli is quite a sensitive, compassionate person so it was great to see that recognized in her classroom!
Jadon's new hobby.  A friend of mine is giving him lessons as long as he promises to practice. 
Here's the new teen heartthrob in the making!!
This is a short post but at least it won't take all day to do : )  So glad you're doing well and that mom has some English speaking female missionaries to talk to!  Be safe and enjoy your time!  It seems to be going by faster now that it's getting close to your year mark.  People ask about you all the time which means your loved and missed : )  Sure love ya.  Keep doing good things!

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