Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vienna's Baptism

Just wanted to let everyone know we had a great day yesterday for Vienna's baptism.  It went really well and we were so happy that Brandon, Brinkley, Keaton, Carter, Brooke, Darby, Bayley, and Paisley were able to come and participate in that.  There was another family that was baptizing their little girl and there were quite a few people in attendance.  Alex gave the opening prayer, Reagan gave an excellent talk on Baptism, I lead the music and Rob and Vienna did the main event!  Vienna and Karsyn sang "I am a child of God" together and did a great job. Vienna wore the little white dress that I was baptized in and then changed into another dress.  She also cut bangs for the big event!  We had a blast playing with the cousins.  Thanks for all of the well wishes, support and emails.  We wish everyone could've been there.  Here are some photos.

                                              Rob, Vienna and Karsyn, and Kregg Stapley

 Vienna's former primary teachers.  They were sooo nice to come.  She really loved them. One brought her some flowers.  Really nice guys, all of them.

My little white-ish dress. ha ha 

The crew!

Tony, Benton, Rob, Vienna, Matt and Brandon

Our happy little family!

Other news includes Alex and Rob's flag-football team, the Ravens, going undefeated this season!  It was pretty dang cool for them and the team.  A great bunch of kids!  They kept all the other teams to a more than 20 point spread.  They dominated! haha It was a fun season.

The after-season party at our house.  They have 2 trophies. One for winning the season and the other for winning the championship.  Way to go guys!

Here's the team.  I guess the coaches should've been in it too. 

The other big news is that we are heading out to Trek this week. It's going to be interesting, fun, hard, cold, sunny, and memorable, among many other things. Wish us luck!!  We'll post pics later.....

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