Thursday, March 14, 2013

Luke is ten

 Just thought id put these awesome pictures of luke playing football.  He has Jason's genes ;) 

sometimes i dream of how fun it would be if we all lived close enough to go to all the kids games, like seeing mackenzie in volleyball and how we would all cheer for their cousins.  so you few who have people close I hope you get to attend those things for the rest of us.  Luke is turning into a great little football player.  Plus its his birthday so figure its okay to post these pictures. 

Love you McCoys and Lockwoods and Morleys and Adamsons.  Big hugs to you all. 

Thanks mom for checking the personal blogs, it means a bunch actually since the details is what we wish we could share together more.  Its been really neat hearing about all your missions. 

Thanks so much for worrying about us guys, and for all the pep talks and financial help.  And the prayers and prayers.

this is him catching an interception, which is his specialty.  okay enough bragging,  sure wish we could come hold all those cute babies. 

Sooooo....lets start planning the next McCoy reunion for summer of 2014 in Washington when you guys get back?  What do you think?  or just pencil in some details? July? Thoughts? 

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