Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brynn is 1!!!!

Can't even believe it's been a whole year! This girl is full of sass and attitude which i totally love, except when she doesn't listen. She's super happy and out-going and just loves to be right with us whatever we're doing. You'd think the girl would want some space but nope, she can't miss out on anything. Always busy, always wandering around, always chatting up a storm. Can't complain, I got a stinkin cute one. Like seriously, just look at that face! Little kids even say how adorable she is and try to play with her but she couldn't care less. 

She's now off formula and on to cow's milk. Still working on the pacifier thing but she always steals Jett's so not sure how that's gonna work. Sleeps FOREVER at night and growth is right on track. 

Dal got home from work and we had a little photo shoot and then her cake which she devoured. So funny to watch. We're gonna go to the zoo when Kevin and Gwen are here next weekend for Jett's blessing and do a little more partying so should be fun! Not gonna lie, it's quite crazy having 2 babies and some days i think i'll die from lack of sleep. Plus Jett wants to be held constantly and any time i put him down, even if he's dead asleep, he wakes up and cries. Can't get anything done around here! But i love it and our new place is better. Welp, gotta be off now to a dr. appoint. Love you both and what's the new transfer if any?

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