Friday, March 15, 2013

Of Dances & Baptisms

Have pics will post -- but meanwhile wanted to thank those who've posted stuff recently.  You don't know how much we enjoy your posts -- it's like our link to reality, our connection with the ones we love half a world away.  We got such a kick out of Brynn and her "dirty diaper dance" -- yeah, I know mom's can get busy and overlook dirty diapers and call it a "happy cuz they're moving dance", but we know the truth -- we actually got an e-mail from Brynn telling us what's going on!!  She's pretty smart -- you can't just leave her alone like that. 

Thank you Marschell for the up-dates on your budding teenagers -- Heidi looks so good in her dress especially taylored by the mom -- didn't know you were such an accomplished seamstress.  And looks like we have an emerging guitarist in the family in Jadon.  Can he play "Green Onions" yet? 

And then there's the AZ crowd and V's baptism -- thank you Erin and Brooke for taking the time to let us share in that special event -- albeit from a distance.  What a sweet time for everybody -- looks like there was plenty of support from friends and family. 

Well, we gotta run for now, but promise to get some more pics up soon.  We love you all very much and miss you somethin' fierce.


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