Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Emma's birthday

So I copied and pasted this from our post since you'll love all the pics from the Vegas crew.........

It feels like just yesterday we were bringing our first born home from the hospital. She has brought a whole new meaning to life this past year. Even though it has only been a short 12 months, it's hard to remember what life was like without her......I think we got a little more sleep but definitely not nearly as much joy.
For her birthday and March Madness we went down to Las Vegas to celebrate. She will always be our little bball baby since her daddy and mommy got to the watch the NCAA tournament while delivering and snuggling her in the hospital. Jason and Rob joined G, B, and D for some major tournament time. We waved goodbye to them in the morning and at some point later in the afternoon we welcomed them back to the reality of crazy kids and moms. They were very sweet to give us Girl's Night Out in the end. It was so nice to be able to celebrate Emma's birthday with family. She was spoiled with presents and lots of love.
Here are some of Emma's highlights........
22.8 lbs (84%)
30 in (78%)
She is now finally walking! She has been taking steps for a couple weeks but after 10 minutes of watching cousin Kennedy cruise around she got brave enough to walk on her own. She still is unsteady and falls a lot but not bruises or stitches yet (knock on wood).
She LOVES her daddy! In fact that is her only word at this point that she says and knows what she is saying. When daddy comes home she bounces up and down and scurries over to climb on him and touch his face. In the morning she is one sad little girl when daddy leaves for work - I've started walking her outside to wave goodbye to him as he drives away.
She waves hello and goodbye and loves to clap.
Her top left tooth has broken through and started to come down. Still no right tooth so she might look a little funny in some upcoming pictures.
She is a pro at going up and down the stairs (thanks to Uncle Spencer!)
When I pull out the camera or my phone she quickly looks away and stops smiling (little stink).
She helps be around the house by pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, eating my tampons, pulling out all my hair stuff from every drawer, pulls clothes out of dresser drawers, pulls off all of daddy's books from the shelf and unfolds every piece of clothing that I fold. She is the perfect house maid!
She is very picky about her food - sometimes it is a battle and I ALWAYS lose!
She is learning to give very open mouth kisses.
She loves to go on walks with Mommy and Daddy.

Here are some pictures I took a few days before her birthday....

And here are some pictures from the Vegas trip and her birthday........

 I couldn't help but look at this cute boy and think of and miss Carson! What a sweet and tender age!

 Kennedy giving loves......Emma doesn't know what to think.

 Choke hold!

 Eating her cupcake for breakfast......

 Bath time with cousin K! Splash, splash, splash

 Watching her cousin's place soccer

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