Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fun

Hey, just want to post a special thank-you to recent contributors to the blog.

Thank you, Cori, for the treasure trove of photos of your family's summer activities -- what a great looking bunch!!  Can't believe how grown up Kenzie and Cannon are getting to be.  Mom said they oughta consider modeling, right along with Brinks and the twins.  I think I'm gonna have to run interference to keep the guys away from Kenzie.

Thank you too, Brooke, for the pics of your family's trip to the temple -- what a great thing to do when kids are young.  We especially liked the one of all five of your youngins sitting together on that little wall outside the temple -- what a great bunch of little people.  We miss 'em.

And finally, thank you, Sharla, for the birthday wishes, complete with video of those really senior senior-patriarchs of the family.  And at the other end of the spectrum -- Jett laughing at his mamma with photos of the mamma in her batman shorts and weight-lifter pose!! (haha) 

We'll try and post some updated photos of our new area, etc as soon as we can -- we'll probably have to find a WI-FI connection at the Church or somewhere, but we'll do it soon.  In the meantime, we love you more that we can express.  We really appreciate all you do for us via the blog and e-mail and prayers -- it's what keeps us going at times.  So more later.



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  1. Happy belated birthday Brian. mj