Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer days

I AM a pretty funny momma

 Working the puzzle together

Girl and her wellies 

 At the park

 She could swing all day

My little man

Just a few chin ups

She didn't like sharing her swing

I lost a bet....in case you're wondering where the gym is!

Playing together

So it's official, i'm flying to AZ for a week Aug. 1!! Hope these babies do well, no one likes crying kids on a plane. Dal will be all lonesome by himself but i think he'll head over to Pasco for the weekend to cry himself to sleep on his huge pilla!

It's been super nice here lately and everyday Brynn's "friends" come ask her to play which she absolutely loves. As soon as she hears the doorbell she says, "what's that?" and runs to the door. She's talking all sorts these days and it's super cute. Fortunately NO is not in her vocab yet. Jett is trying to crawl and loves eating baby food now. Sleeps great now too, 10 or 11 hrs!

Alrighty then, well go buy yourself a new pair of shoes (you probably already have!) and enjoy the new area! Any new assignments? xos!

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