Sunday, July 7, 2013

Oaks Park

Welp, we went to an amusement park yesterday and let Brynn go on all the rides we, i mean, she wanted! It was fun and she looks expressionless but deep down she was having a blast. We even took Jett, altho he just slept for most of it. Dal went on some loopdy ride and i got to go on the big roller coaster which was kinda lame actually. I also got a new camera and we are definitely those parents who take WAY too many pictures of their kids. Oh well.

We also celebrated the 4th with Mars and Paul and Co. who came and spent the night. We went swimming, had a BBQ, hung out and watched fireworks put on by some old people in our ward. BUT before you think, "old people doing fireworks eh? Musta been lame," I'll have to stop you and say that it's quite the production, as rumor has it they spend thousands of monies each year to make it good. Brynn and Jett and Dal all missed the late night festivities due to sleep importance. Fun, fun weekend and this Friday i go white-water rafting with the 4th year girls!!!

How annoying to have to wait a little bit longer to transfer again but at least it's still happening. We're getting sisters in our ward who are waiting for visas and i just got called as a ward missionary so that should be pretty cool. Never been in a ward with sisters before. anyway...hope things are going swell and stop getting trunky! xos!

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  1. such fun pics guys! love your baby dolls! they are so sweet!