Monday, July 22, 2013

Been Awhile

Hey Ma and Pa,
Good to hear you guys finally got some new scenery down there.  Tough to say goodbye to good friends, but also nice to have a fresh start.
Well I realized it's been awhile since I put some pics on here and the kids are growing up quick.  Plus, with Marschell moving soon, I won't be able to rely on her posting pictures on our behalf.  So I better get some practice.  I finally imported all the pics from the camera and my phone and thought of doing a mass post like Cori did...although ours is about a year in review.  So I will soon flood this blog with a couple hundred pics...hold your breath for that.  For now, here are some from our recent activities.  I took 17 days off for a reunion in Boise, hit a couple lakes on the way back, and enjoyed the last week just relaxing and doing stuff with the kids.

                                                                       Boise Reunion
playing games at the park

get in my belly!
swing dance lessons

Wallowa Lake in Oregon
real cowboys don't wear helmets

Ava on a pony ride

Mia loved horseback riding

the gang during sunset at Wallowa Lake

Lake Chelan
Mia and Porter ready to get their tube on

Back at the Ol Rancho
Porter soon realized the bungee cord and bare feet was a bad idea

Porter, Mia and I braved a night camping in the spooky woods, but thunder and rain drove us back inside at 2am

Mt. Rainier
Reflection Lake
gotta have a walking stick

all tuckered out after a long day on the mountain

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  1. That's an awesome photo of Mt. Rainier. Your family looks good too. :)