Wednesday, July 10, 2013

it's hot over here.

cannon playing setter for freshman team

pinewood derby!

brinkley last choir concert in elementary school. 

nerf or nothing wars!

picking out flowers for our garden.

going to priesthood session

earned her YW medallion.

going to prom!

activity days mommy daughter date!

cinco de mayo-beck hitting the pinata!

beach day with LA mccoy's

playing ninja with cousins

mackenzie and cannon opening night of spectrum show

field day with their classroom drawing tee shirts.


boogie boarding

hello! here is some pics that we just got off the phones and camera's. first time all year. something was very wrong with uploading, and so we had 2000 pics stuck since january. we are loving our summer break. we went to san diego for 2 nights earlier in the year for spring break. made 2 weekend trips to beach, and pretty much chilling at home during the summer months. the kids are in summer school too. getting credits out of the way, and playing a little catch up! cannon played freshmen volleyball. he loved it. never had played before. he was the team setter. mackenzie swam for LVHS and earned a white letter this year. i will upload pics later. brinkley finished her years at elementary school. crazy she is all grown up. keaton and carter had their pine wood derby. they (and brandon) cant forget to mention him, won first place! oh man, the smiles on their faces were awesome! so proud!  brandon is working hard at work bringing home the bacon. it is still small, just him and a secratary, just the way he likes it. he is still working in the stake YM's, and i am serving in the nursery. we keep praying for our poor mt. charleston. its been on fire now for 10 days and keep praying for rain. our girls camp is next week, so that is what we are praying for that we can still go. those firefighters. wow. we are so grateful! cannon and brandon are gone all this week for their high adventure encampment. we are grateful for the church and all the programs they provide. life is good here in vegas, and i as the mother of this operation, just hanging on tight, because man oh man its all going too quick.we love you guys so very much! we are touched by your example and  pray for you every day. stay safe! i will upoad some more in a bit. {please excuse my poor grammer and punctuation}
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