Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's your Birthday!

Holy heck, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That just snuck up on me outta nowhere! We'll have to celebrate today when we go out with G'ma and G'pa for dinner....we'll raise a toast to your birth with you mammy and pappy! They're here passing thru to visit someone in OR so they've got the RV at some park down the street. I'll make sure to take some pics. 

So what did you end up doing? What's your new calling? Lovin the new place? Wish we could celebrate with you but next year eh? Alrighty then, just wanted to wish you a great day and know that i love you so SO much! xos!

and a happy birthday song just for you!

Your parents came to visit, we sang a song for you and they wanted to say a few things:

"I feel like I'm neglecting you because I haven't written, and I can't call you on the phone, but I love you both!!" - your dad

"I haven't a clue!" - your mom

And one final pic of the gang wanting to wish you a happy birthday.

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