Monday, July 16, 2012


ok who are you and what have you done with my madre? you blog, text, email, you'll be posting videos to youtube. sheesh, move to a new country and i don't even know you anymore! well sounds like things are going just fantastic. missions are the best. altho we didn't get to take siestas in the middle of the day, no fair.

so i just got back from Girl's Camp and it was a lot of fun. only down-side was lack of sleep, mosquitoes and being away from Brynn. i got pushed into the lake (retaliation from the girls of course) and i didn't even know such cold water even existed!!! plus i was in my clothes and shoes so i had to dry my only bra in the sun. but we had a blast and i'm glad i got to go.

and for the real reason for this post.............BRYNN IS GOING TO BE A BIG SISTER!!!! lame to announce on a blog but i figured since everyone reads this thing. i know, i know she's only 4 months old and i'm already about 10 weeks along which means they'll be less than a year apart but that's how we roll. it's going to be crazy and nuts but also really fun. so who knows? maybe we'll have 3 by the time you're home. plus side: no morning sickness and i'm almost 2nd trimester so i'm glad about that. at least i'm excited about it this time around...just hope my scar tissue has healed enough to not rupture....ok well when we get our camera back i'll post some pics of the little lady, still cute as ever and sleeping like there's no tomorrow! love you guys, miss you and enjoy!


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  1. holy smokes, congrats! i'm glad you're excited this time heh heh. Can't believe of all the people, never woulda guessed you'd be the one to have two under a year apart! Excited for you guys!