Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you all so much

Hey, thank you all so much for your birthday well-wishes -- privately as well as on Facebook and the blog.  It was so good to hear from you.  I gave a talk last Sunday (as usual, it seems) about what we know about heaven (which really isn't very much) and who we want to have there with us.  Hearing from all of you and seeing how well you're all doing stirs up deep feelings of love and appreciation for the kind of people you are.  Thank you.  One of my favorite scriptures is 3 John 1:4.  That e-mail chain about life on the ole' Rancho not so Grande was a hoot too.  We love your sense of humor. 

So Sharla's gettin' er done !!  Wow, two babbies in one year.  We're going to make 30 grandkids yet !!  Amanda ?  Amberli?  I think you're being called out.  (I think the rest of you have already limited out.)  Seriously, congratulations !!  Why not -- you all have such cute kids -- shouldn't they be part of our family?  By the way, was that really Beck having a little melt-down?  What a great shot -- he'll appreciate that on his wedding day.  And all the pics of Brynn and Emma as well as the older ones -- Jason & Brooke's kids and Kenzie with her new million dollar smile (at times it probably seemed like it cost a million).  What a great family, if we do say so ourselves !! 

As far as mission news, we've attached a couple new photos -- the first one is us standing out in front of our capilla.  It's really a nice building -- about the size of a stake center, but only one branch meets in it at this point -- attendance has dropped way off in this area, which I guess is why we're here -- to see if we can help re-build the local units.

The second photo is a couple guys trying to bring down a tree next door -- one guy is pounding on the tree with a dull ax while the other one is pulling it down on himself out in the street.  They managed to get it down without killing themselves or anybody else, but it was funny to watch. 

The last one is a "phone booth" in the heart of the city -- of course it has no handset -- somebody I'm sure thought it would work better in their house.

And so is life in Argentina -- everyday brings new (and often funny) experiences.  An example -- just last night this dog next door started yapping at 4:00 am.  It went on and on until I finally got up and went out on our front balcony and yelled at it in English "Shut up you stupid dog"!!  Pretty soon it came around from in front of the neighbor's car and wagged its tail at me and quit barking -- as if to say, Yeah, I understand English too.  (haha)

Otherwise, the work is going great -- it's really fun to see Mom get into it -- her banana bread has become a real hit.  She takes some with her on all our visits and the people just love it and her.
Well, better close this before I do something and erase it all.  Sure love you all.  Keep the posts and pics coming.

Dad & Mom/G-pa & G-ma      

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