Monday, July 23, 2012


Mom, great inaugural blog post! Cool to see pictures (complete with a classic mom-with-her-eyes-closed in that cemetery pic!) and also get a 'day-in-the-life' of for you guys. Love the details, brings back a lot of memories. Keep 'em coming! Some of those seemingly routine or mundane (at the time) details are what I miss about the mission field and missionary life in general. I totally know what you mean tho...SO much happens in any given day or week that it all blurs by so fast. I remember thinking days felt like hours and weeks felt like days. And exhausting physically and mentally! At least you two don't have to get used to a new companion every few months! "Why does my comp fill up half his socks with talcum powder every morning? What a wierdo! Just buy some dry-fit socks ya goof!"

That's a really nice apartment too. Jealous. Does it have hot water in the shower or just a metal plumbing pipe sticking out of the wall w/ only freezing cold water? The worst!

And fun to see you learning the art of the empanada Mom! Fried empanadas filled with potatoes and shredded beef were the BEST! I think I once ate like 62 in a sitting. Good stuff. Looking forward to the smorgasbord of Argentinean cuisine you've learned when you get back! I'm making my birthday dinner request now. Move over scalloped potatoes.

Yeah like Spence said, what are the Argentinian birthday rituals? We had the same in Colombia...a raw egg smashed on your head followed by a box of flower / baking soda thrown on. We learned quickly to never tell people our birthdays. Or better yet, secretly tell Ward members it was your comp's birthday so they'd waste him.

Well it was good to Skype with you guys Saturday. Sorry it was short and so distracted...but was great seeing you guys. We took some family photos while we were in SLC w/ the Ropers so we'll post some the meantime, had to share one we got from the photographer. She couldn't wait and had to send me and Amberli this shot of Beck. Such a happy go-lucky guy!

(what do you MEAN Santa's not real!?)

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