Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Pops!!!

Well it's technically your birthday already even tho it's still Tues. here but just wanted to wish you a splendid birthday in the Argentine land!! how do they even celebrate birthdays? do they put weird stuff in the cakes like knives or pickles? better find out before you're surprised with a cut up throat!

So in honor of your birth, i'll share a favorite memory i thought of just yesterday. i admit i kind of miss that you work at the office. b/c i loved calling you there. i knew MJ would be the one to answer, i would ask for you, she'd put me on hold and obviously let you know who was on the line and then you would always, ALWAYS pick up. you never once said you were too busy to chat or that you'd get back to me later. and sometimes you would even call me from the office too just to see how my day was going. It made me feel special that you made time to talk when usually it was probably just venting about school and lack of money.....SO i'm glad you were never too busy and thank you for being willing to listen. Hope you have a great and memorable day!! love you dad!


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