Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We can't stand it !!

We can't stand it -- all these videos and pics of grandkids are killin' us.  They are so stinkin' cute -- we just want to pull one of those horror movie stunts and climb through the screen and hug 'em.  So you'll all have to get skype if you don't have it so we can pretend we're right there. 
Sounds like some of you have gone or are going out of town for the 4th of July -- enjoy and be safe.

As for news on this end -- things are going well -- we already feel like we belong here.  And yes, I'm already snoring in Spanish -- piece 'a cake -- I got this down !!  It's funny though, everywhere we go people look at us and often ask us where we're from.  When we tell them we're from the US they ask us if we like it here in Saenz Pena, Argentina.  Of course we tell them we do and why -- because we're here on assignment with our Church, etc . . . and we're into a gospel discussion with them.  It's been fun to watch Jan get into it too -- she's become pretty fearless, despite her limited Spanish, she can still shop with the best of them.  And when she bears her testimony she does it in Spanish and the people are just transfixed -- you can hear a pin drop.

To give you a feel for how things are down here -- Jan participated in branch choir practice the other night and the choir members (about 10) all stood in a line shoulder to shoulder on the stand "singing" a-capella.  Right behind them was a beautiful electric organ/piano with people available to play it.  When I asked one of the choir members why they don't use the piano accompaniment, he just shrugged and said that was just the way they always did it.  Never mind that nobody could carry a tune in a bucket -- why do things different?  So Jan organized a little quartet with organ accompaniment to show them how nice it can sound with music added.  We'll see what happens.

We spent last weekend with the mission president and his wife -- a nice couple from Chandler AZ.  We went out to a branch to do some investigating to see if things were as bad as reported -- an absentee branch president and a witch (I mean a woman who actually practices witchcraft) as a relief society president.  Fortunately, we found the reports to be exaggerated and we were able to persuade the mission president not to put us out there in that branch but let us continue to work at the district level to help qualify it to become a stake.  We had dinner that night with the prez and his wife at a nice hotel near-by -- and Argentine steak is as good as they say it is !!  I have to admit it was pretty nice to sit down to a good dinner and conversation with some Americans.

Well, this is getting pretty long, so probably better bring it to a close.  We haven't forgotten about posting some photos and promise to do so soon.  In the meantime, keep the news and photos coming on your end.

We love you and pray for your welfare,
Dad and Mom/Brian and Jan



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