Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Speaking of food...

So last week turned into classic McCoy food week, check this out:

Sunday night dessert/Monday breakfast:  FRITTERS!  We made grilled pizzas (quite delicious by the way) and so I told Brooke to make extra dough for fritters.  I can't believe I forgot how stinkin' good those things are.  Haven't ever even made them for Brooke so it's been a really long time since I had 'em.  She said she can't believe I hadn't ever made something I knew was so good.  Holy cow, now I want some RIGHT NOW!  The kids loved it and almost got sick cause they ate so much. 

More dessert:  So also one night after dinner Brooke says, "Who wants Oreo Smasho?"  I was like, you made it?  "Yeah, didn't I tell you?"  She's made it a couple of times and it's just one of the best things in history.  Funny, it always make me think of the Damrons (sp?) who used to live next door.  I remember taking it over to their house after they moved and I think that was the first time we had it or something.

Dinner the other night:  Fish sticks!  And of course only with the classic McCoy homemade tartar sauce of mustard and mayo.  Brooke was out and about and suddenly I had a huge craving for fish stick sandwiches.  She bought a huge bag and I filled an entire cookie sheet and we ate every single one.  Kids don't like the tartar sauce tho, they don't know nuthin.

Some of things I've told the kids we used to eat as snacks as kids:
- graham crackers smeared with butter
- toast with cinnamon/sugar
- English muffins with peanut butter

I've told them about the time I'll never forget Dad trying to make homemade V8 (oh, that was so barf) and once making homemade syrup and adding every single sprinkle and candy thing there was in the cupboards, waaay too sweet even for sugar addicted kids.  Also loved the big box of donuts we used to have for dessert after dinner sometimes and we all wanted the maple bars.  And who can forget the Red Baron pizza Friday nights?  I still eat those a LOT, mmmm.  I was just telling Luke, cause he went to Costco with Brooke the other day and was saying how heavy the cart was, that we used to go the store and have two completely full carts at checkout time.  haha, I'd love to see the faces of the people around here if we did that.  I was laughing while at Scout Camp about that Postum crap Mom used to buy, can't believe I used to actually drink that stuff.  They had something like that at the Trading Post.

Ah, fun memories.  And man, I am HUNGRY now!


(tacos, taco salad, shish kabobs, all the knock-off cold cereal brands that came in bags and not boxes - puffed wheat (!), forced to eat squash and broccoli...)

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  1. Graham crackers with butter! Totally forgot about that! And Fritters!! I literally haven't had those since living at home. That's a traveschamockery. And do they even make Super Sips anymore? Pure sugar water w/ dye. LOVED 'em.

    I just remember eating like 3 bagels loaded with a 1/2" in. of cream cheese every day after school. Mostly cause I'd traded away my sandwich, mini bag of Lays chips (of like 4 chips), my molasses cookie (big sugar sprinkles on top), and thermos of milk for a fruit roll-up or lunchable cause we never got those. The worst was having to stuff a small lunch bag with Doritos from Dad's big Family Size bag. Even tho it was technically more chips than the grab bags, it was so embarrassing for reason.