Monday, July 16, 2012

Mom's a blogger!

Mom, awesome first post!  I love all the details, especially about the "uncomfortable" meeting with the ex-bishop!  Glad you are getting into such the swing of things there.  We think about you every day and are in all of our prayers.  It's great to see you with a missionary "chapa" as we called them in Spain.  It must be pretty great to be able to show them your skillz at ping pong and making activity bags!  Glad you humbled Dad too. heh heh  We just watched the video of the Tough Mudder and I'll find a way to post them here so you can see how tough I am, although I didn't feel like the video captured how difficult it was.  I think it compares to, like, 3 Iron Mans, pretty sure.  And love the pictures, what a nice looking place you got there, we'll come visit, I think it'll only take like 2 weeks to drive.  That's really cool too about that English teacher lady going to church too, hopefully things work out, she sounds really nice.  Okay, i'm off to bed now, talk soon!


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