Wednesday, February 26, 2014

El Fin

Well, it's all over but the shout -- tomorrow's our last day in the mission.  What an experience it's been -- nothing like what we expected -- more intense, but the learning curve has been well worth it.  Northern Argentina is a place all its own -- generally flat, dry, poor, and Catholic.  The culture is a bundle of traditions that basically enslaves the people and retards their development.  All this impacts the Church as well, which explains why there are few stakes in this area and only two temples in the whole country of 40 million people.  And yet, there are wonderful people here whom we have come to love and will always remember!  So we feel like we're done -- for now.  But we're thinking we may come back some day and pick up where we left off trying to build up the Church in Argentina.

In the meantime, let's see if we can get a few pics to post.

Well, our connection isn't that good right now, so we'll try again tomorrow before we actually head to BA for our flight home on Friday.

Love ya all.             

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