Saturday, February 22, 2014

squeezing in at the end

so when is the go home day exactly?  Just wanted to add last little bit on the family blog but surely cannot top garlan and amanda's beautiful new daughter.  my keypad is acting up too sorry its a little wierd.

so glad we will get to see you guys in a little after a month. although I will say it will be weird to not be praying for you on your mission.  put moms name in the temple last night to cover any health issues i've heard rumors of but don't know exactly what.

love you guys thanks for the support.  what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?  although I have been thinking of grandpa harstons phrase, life is hard and then we die....and then his later in life slogan that changed it a bit.

anyway, enough talking here are some pictures of our family.  ps. the weather has been amazing here.  we really need rain but wow its all sunshine and perfect temperature

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