Friday, February 28, 2014

PS -- final pics

Hopefully we now have a better connection and can get some pics to post.  But before that, thx to those who have recently posted -- we thoroughly enjoy seeing and hearing about what's going on your lives.  We've missed it.  Yet at the same time it's almost like we have two families -- our beloved family in the States and our "loved ones" in Argentina.  So how about some photos.

Our future pro baseball player, Elder Gates, about to baptize the first convert in the Belgrano Branch in years in our portable baptismal font.

Mom and the branch president's wife fellowshipping our new convert, Hermana Sanchez.

A beautiful rainbow seen from our balcony -- taken by our new family photograher, Mom.

We've seen some beautiful sunsets in Argentina too -- this shot taken from our balcony as well. 

This is Daniela, our previous branch president's daughter, to whom Mom had given a stash of goodies.  So she gave Mom a treasure of her own -- a little plastic notebook, with a note that said "Ha sido muy bien conmigo -- te quiero mucho" -- you've been very good with me -- I love you a lot.

A couple of north american sister missionaries who enjoyed speaking english with Mom.  It's interesting what you begin to appreciate after a while -- comfortably conversing in your own native language becomes a delight.

These sisters said they didn't have anything to give Mom as a going-away present, so the sister on the right drew some flowers on the black board for her.  How sweet is that.  The writing on the bottom says Happy Trip!

Us and our sister missionaries (Hna Skirvin -- from the States and Hna Medina -- from Panama!) with sister Coca Oviedo -- a wonderful faithful member who feeds the missionaries a couple of times a week -- every week.  In this picture I'm not a hunch-back, I'm just trying to keep my head out of the branches.

This mother and daughter -- sister Espindola and sister Oviedo -- collaborated to make the dress Mom is wearing and gave it to her as a gift.  They are both among our "loved ones" here in Argentina. 


Juan Torres on the left and Orlando Oviedo on the right -- two men whom I've come to love like brothers.  I would entrust anything I have to either of them -- they are among the finest men I have ever known and I will miss them. 

A shot of all the missionaries who showed up to help us haul our luggage over to the bus terminal for our trip to Resistencia.  Of course it helped to bribe them with pizza for lunch.  What a great group of young people!  We will miss them too.  We have really come to love the missionaries. 

A shot of the bus terminal in Goya, Corrientes Argentina -- fairly typical of the facilities here.  We finally pulled out about 1:30 pm Thursday, February 27, 2014 -- waving good-bye to all the missionaries and several members who showed up to see us off.  Don't know when we'll get back, but we definitely left a part of our heart there.

And now (February 28) we head home!!  We've been anticipating this for nearly two years now -- and can't wait to see everybody.  We have grandkids we haven't even seen yet and can't wait to get acquainted and play with them.  And we have adult children and their spouses whom we love now more than ever.  Thank you all for your love and support and prayers.  Our feelings for you all are very tender and we're anticipating a grand reunion. 

Love you!!
Dad and Mom   


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