Friday, February 7, 2014


Well hello there folks! I'm sure your countdown has begun and will go by in no time. While you're sweating out your pits in Argentina, we got a whole load of snow dumped on us yesterday which makes for some nice Olympic nostalgia watching. Everything's closed down around here and Dal is "working from home" today so it'll be a stay inside kind of day. We looked at a house yesterday so if our application is accepted, we'll be moving probably next month which will be fun b/c it'll have a backyard and more space. Plus it'll be a new ward and closer to dal's work so we'll see. 

Not much else is new around here really. Jett turns 1 on Sunday so we're having some friends over for a party. It's mustached themed so it should be fun. He's a funny little man and so cute i can't even stand it. Been super cranky this week tho, getting them teeth in so we're on a love/hate relationship at the moment. Good thing is he takes 3 hr. naps when he's like this so that makes up for it a little. 

Welp, I've got my flight to Vegas for the 19th leaving from Portland and staying til Sunday so the whole clan will be together again!! Super excited and it'll be such a blast. Ok that's it for now. I'll put stuff up from Mister's bday bash. XOS!

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