Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jett turns 1!!!

Well we had quite the little mustache bash considering Jett was only turning 1. Just had some friends and a whole lot of kids over to party. The women wore mustaches, he had a mustache cake, fruit kebabs, rice krispy treats and cupcakes....we sang, he demolished his cake without eating a single bite, opened presents and had fun. He's finally somewhat back to normal and in happier spirits so his teeth must not be bothering him so much. We've been home-bound the past several days since this snow is still hanging around and i'm going CRAZY!! at least the Olympics are on so we're watching nonstop to keep us entertained.

Can't believe you guys are coming home early!! I was talking to Erin yesterday and we were joking that mom is just faking these "health problems" so you can come back a little sooner, hehe! Either way, doesn't matter for us, we'll still be there. Just 3 short weeks away! alrighty then, well work hard and get in all your Argentinian-ness that you can!!! love you, xos!

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